4 tips to cut end of financial year stress

Is your dining room table covered with receipts and invoices? Are you waking in the night feeling overwhelmed and out of control?

Have you rekindled your love affair with chocolate, wine or shopping? Is resentment building as you imagine bidding your well-earned dollars goodbye to that tax farm in the sky?

Or is procrastination dominating your days and nights?


The long way home: The impact of a lengthy commute

When you’re fantasising about moving into your new home or imagining chatting to new-found friends in your new cubicle or office, it’s not uncommon to overlook the pros and cons of the commute. However travelling to and from work is an important part of our day that can contribute or contaminate to our overall wellbeing.

Happiness and wellbeing levels are usually higher in people who don’t feel that negative feelings dominate the annoying and irritating daily hassles we all have to deal with, including commuting.