Questions to ask before moving in together

You’ve been dating for a while, it feels so right, and in practical terms, you’d love to have more than just a drawer for your belongings at your Sweetie’s house.

Your mutual love for each other seems clear, but what else do you need to consider before you take the plunge and move in together?

First up, grab your partner by the hand, sit down and make some time to talk about the important and often overlooked issues that can arise when we co-habit with another human being, especially one we love.


How to cope with moving overseas

Making the very real decision to pack up life as you know it and move to Australia constitutes a major life transition in anyone’s language.

It’s one thing to admire dazzling footage of the Sydney Opera House or Great Barrier Reef, or to fantasise about running away with movie stars Nicole Kidman or Hugh Jackman. The journey may be filled with promising possibilities, but it can also result in feeling lonely, lost, out of control, resentful, anxious, and overwhelmed.


Helping kids settle post separation

If you are in the process of separating from your partner, you will no doubt be aware of the avalanche of emotions that are integral to the separation landscape.

One of the most common emotional responses to separation is loss – loss of a dream, a partner, a routine, a shared future, an intact family, emotional and/or financial security, friends and extended family, a sense of belonging, a lifestyle, and often, your beloved home.

If you’re also a parent, you will most likely be navigating similar feelings of grief in your children.