How to avoid home envy

Thanks to blogs, TV programs and magazines, property perfection is everywhere we look these days. It can be inspiring, but if we’re not careful, maybe even a little disheartening. How can we ever compete?

Here’s how to avoid going green-eyed with home envy.

Have you ever glanced at a ‘for sale’ sign boasting glossy photos of perfectly decorated rooms, only to find yourself desperately wanting to live there?


How to cope after a burglary or break-in at home

Returning home to a break-in is one of those frightening and violating events we’ve seen on TV, or heard other people talk about; but when our own home is burgled, the emotional aftermath can be even more devastating and unsettling than the loss of precious personal belongings.

"When our home is burgled, the emotional aftermath can be even more devastating and unsettling than the loss of precious personal belongings."


4 ways to manage change

We’re a nation of movers, with many of us living in more than 10 houses in our lifetime, and only 16% of us intent on staying in the home we currently live in. For most of us change is unavoidable. 

Our homes change around us along with our lives. People move in and out. Renovations take shape or fall apart. Disasters strike. Clutter builds up and heads out the door.

It’s important we learn to cope and deal with change.


Keeping sane during ‘sale’ season

Is it me, or does there always seem to be a sale on in your local interiors/furniture store?

The sale season seems to be in full swing all year round and many of us are being bombarded with alluring emails, colourful catalogues and decoy signage about the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ bargains which promise to transform our homes, ourselves and our lives.

Most of us have at times been lured into bargain hunting by seductive offers of 2 for 1, up to 30% off, or buy 1 get 1 free – and the deals appear to be hotting up season on season.


Pets make for a happier, healthier home

Approximately 60% of Australians have pets, and it’s with good reason they do. Pets make us – and our homes – happier and healthier.

Pet ownership has been found to correlate with both positive psychological and physical outcomes including lower blood pressure, physical fitness, improved sleep, less loneliness, decreased depression, higher conscientiousness, less fear, and better self-esteem. We also know that spending time with and stroking our pet increases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone associated with stress relief.


Finding the right obstetrician for your home

Is finding an agent like finding an obstetrician? There’s more similarities than you might think – and some illuminating lessons about the agent and buyer or seller relationship.

For those of you who are parents, cast your mind back to the first time you met your obstetrician. Depending on your circumstances, it’s likely you chose this marvellous creature because he or she had sufficient expertise in order to help bring your child(ren) safely into the world.