Getting kids to do chores: little hands make light work

You’re down on your knees with a toothbrush cleaning the grout or outside picking up some of Fido’s finest gifts to your garden when you hear your kids call out “Mum, we’ve just poured you a cuppa of your favourite peppermint tea, why don’t you put your feet up and let us do that!” Right.

But even if this portrait of domestically inclined offspring is likely always going to remain a fantasy, it doesn’t mean you can’t – and shouldn’t – ask the kids to help around the house.


Tips for living as a blended family

Your marriage has ended, and you feel blessed to have finally found the kind of love again that fills you up. You ride the waves of excitement and anticipation that moving in with a new love brings, but this time, you now also need to consider your children, your partner’s children, and your respective ex-partners as you set up new living arrangements and routines as a blended or step-family.

If you’re playing the role of step-parent to your partner’s kids, give yourself permission to acknowledge the huge adjustment for both yourself, and your step-children...


An empty nest & room: How to cope when kids leave home

You’ve spent years changing nappies, driving kids to dance classes and soccer training, tenderly wiping away the tears of unrequited teenage love, and absorbing the stresses of year 12 or university exams.

You may have even fantasised about what life would be like if you only had more time to yourself, or with your spouse, when your kids weren’t so dependent and in need of your emotional, physical, financial, and psychological resources.

Now, seemingly overnight, that stage has arrived and your last, or only, child is ready to depart home, leaving you either alone, or with your partner, to navigate a new stage of life as empty nesters.


Helping kids settle post separation

If you are in the process of separating from your partner, you will no doubt be aware of the avalanche of emotions that are integral to the separation landscape.

One of the most common emotional responses to separation is loss – loss of a dream, a partner, a routine, a shared future, an intact family, emotional and/or financial security, friends and extended family, a sense of belonging, a lifestyle, and often, your beloved home.

If you’re also a parent, you will most likely be navigating similar feelings of grief in your children.